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We call it a solution.

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Press Release for EMO 2021 in Milan

Röhm presents the clamping jaw which can measure

We take nature as our model. Clamping and gripping with precisely the required force. We call that “smarter clamping”.

To this end, we have developed clamping and gripping technology with integrated sensor technology.

For Röhm, Industry 4.0 is more than clamping and gripping technology with a cable. That’s why we have completely dispensed with the cable.

Röhm has an exclusive solution to manufacturing IO-link wireless solutions for clamping technology.

i as in Internet of Things.

The smarter clamping technology is made up of three components:


A clamping device for clamping and gripping with integrated sensors for measuring


A universal gateway.


The gateway forwards the data to the cloud.


The gateway is directly connected with the PLC of your machine tool via Profinet.

Use Case#1 – Tactile clamping system: Live on a CTX beta 1250 TC 4A from DMG Mori

The production of this component on a CTX beta 1250 TC 4A using smarter clamping at the Pre-EMO at DMG Mori in Pfronten .


Smarter Clamping at the exposition EMO 2021 in Milan

  1. The iJaw, presented by Röhm’s Product Manager Dennis Wimmer, mounted on the Röhm Demonstrator at the exposition EMO in Milano.
  2. Production of a turbine blade with two iJaw sets on a main spindle and counter spindle on a M50-G Millturn from WFL Millturn Technologies.

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